Is it worth Buying an Action Camera?

Without a doubt, action cameras are great to have as they can capture and document those crazy and fun experiences you have during sports, travels, and adventures. However, although it is quite easy to understand the appeal of this gadget — it’s tiny, light, and pocketable — it can be tricky to know whether or not it’s really worth getting one for yourself.
If you’re still on the fence about purchasing an action camera, here are three questions that you should answer. Your answers to these questions will pretty much tell you if it’s worth investing in an action camera or not.


Are you an adrenaline junkie or a laid-back traveler?

Do you always go for heart-stopping and adrenaline-pumping activities? If yes, you would definitely find an action camera useful. However, if you’re only after taking some photos and videos during your vacation, your smartphone or compact digital camera (if you have one) will surely be enough for that purpose.

Activities like skydiving and whitewater rafting are pretty intense, and your smartphone or compact camera won’t be able to handle any type of rough condition. Moreover, it would be totally unsafe for you to hold your phone or camera just to capture everything in the video.


Can your phone camera do it?

A yes means that an action camera may not really be necessary and it’ll be all good even with just your smartphone. If you only intend to take pictures or simple videos of the places you’ve been to as keepsake, you can achieve good quality with just your smartphone or digital camera.

However, if you’re keen on trying an activity you want to document but unsure whether you’re going to ever try it again or anything similar to it, you might want to opt for a more budget-friendly action camera. Remember that you don’t need to splurge to get a high-quality action camera especially if you’re not going to use it often. YI 4k Action Camera is one of your best options as it produces outstanding video quality without breaking the bank.


Does size matter to you?

Portability is very important when traveling. If you don’t feel like getting your phone out of your pocket all the time or lugging a heavy DSLR or a flashy mirrorless camera, an action camera would definitely suit you. Action cameras aren’t only great for videos; they can be used to create beautiful photos as well.

Familiarize yourself with the features and techniques of using your action camera, if you eventually decide to buy one. This way, you can actually use it and get the most out of it.

Now, it’s time to review your answers to these questions and assess if they’re non-negotiable factors for you. This will surely help you reach a smart decision and avoid wasting your money on something that might only gather dust on your shelf.

Moreover, research your different options and keep in mind that a hefty price tag doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best one out there. Define your needs for an action camera, set a budget, and stick to it.


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