Why Android Oreo is Considered Superior than Nougat

In August 2016 the Android 7.0 Nougat was rolled out by Google. Since the time of its initial release, the extended version of Android 7 is being majorly used in the new smartphones. According to the latest statistics, it has been observed that more than 17 percent of the Android devices run on Oreo. Google has released Oreo in spite of the fact that Nougat had a slower adoption rate. Initially, Oreo was largely confined to Nexus and Pixel smartphones. But due to its growing popularity, the large number of hardware manufacturers are inclined to rolling out Android Oreo over Nougat.
The latest operating system of Android has eased the process of Android app development. An Android developer needs to be equipped with all necessary and latest technical knowledge and skills for delivering the necessary services in an apt way.


Now let us discuss some distinctive features of these two OS for your knowledge and information. These are:

Multi-Display Support:

The function of multiple displays is being supported by Oreo, unlike Nougat. This feature actually enables the users to perform ample functions at the same time by smooth navigation among multiple screens. This apart, the users using Oreo can also expand the app, preview its contents and can check which app remains at the top.


Picture-in-Picture Mode:

This is a noteworthy feature of the Android tv. This option actually helps the users to watch visual elements in a small floating window and perform vital tasks. Also, the user can access the supported apps while playing video in a movable window.


Autofill Framework:

This is another attractive feature of Oreo. This framework will enable the users for filling up various forms like the credit card, login in a convenient and fast manner. This service can also be enabled for completing the passwords and forms without putting in any extra information. The users can avail this service to both new and existing Android apps.


Notification Dots:

The pending notifications in Android Oreo can be conveyed to the users via a small dot, which appears in the icon of the app. The notification can be accessed by the users on touching the small dot. The notification can also be dismissed by a long press on the home screen.


Smart Text Selection:

The Android Oreo users can select text in a smarter and simpler way. While selecting text the mobile operating system is capable of predicting the action of the relevant user. For example, when a user is copying an address he/she will get prompts directly on the screen.


Smarter Google Assistant:

Android app developers can easily avail the advantages of a virtual intelligent assistant of Google. This Google assistant enables the programmers to improve the user experience. Moreover, the users can operate and access apps effectively using voice commands.


Bluetooth 5 Support:

Bluetooth 5 is supported in Oreo. It comes with significant bandwidth for supporting multiple wireless devices. Unlike Bluetooth 4.2, it gives better data transfer speed and better coverage. The developers using Android 8 can create mobile apps, which can be connected to and discovered through Bluetooth 5.


Wi-Fi Improvement:

To save battery, the users can often turn off the Wi-Fi. In order to access the web, they can again turn on the Wi-Fi. Depending on the user’s environment Android Oreo can effectively disable the Wi-Fi automatically. In this way, the users can save battery without disconnecting/connecting Wi-Fi.



Android Oreo has been developed by Google depending upon Project Trebble. It helps in keeping vendor implementations separated from Android OS framework. The devices, applications and data security of the users are taken total care by the Google Play Protect.

This post has clearly distinguished between Android Nougat and Oreo. Oreo is certainly way ahead of Nougat with respect to users’ usages, experience, and physical assets.

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