6 Outstanding Apps for Creating Professional Documents

These days saving paper has become the priority for most of us. This goes green attitude and environmental protection has ensured that we eliminate the user of paper and use electronic documents. The trouble with that is that if you are on the go or without your computer, the mobile device might get overburdened by heavy word processing documents.

In order to counter that and make your mobile device optimized for document creation, we have found six very useful apps.

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If you think we have missed any, you can recommend an app in the comment section below.

1. ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote is not a hardcore word processing app but it is very useful. On the face of it, it may look like a note-taking app but it is greatly versatile and has a lot of features such as rich text editor and changing the background colors of the notes.

If you like to keep yourself organized by writing quick little notes here and there, ColorNote is for you.


2. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word apps are heavy with some unnecessary features. I will concede that is true. But having said that, it cannot be argued that MS Word is probably the best and most wide used word editor and document creator in the world.

A couple of years back Microsoft created a cloud based app for Word. That has resulted in the app being swift, light and not taking up a lot of space.


3. iA Writer

iA Writer has been a famous app for iPhone users for a long time but only recently they’ve had an app for Android users as well. The app is quite gripping and features support for all the popular document formats that include HTML, PDF and .DOC. You can export your documents in any of the above mentioned formats and email them directly to your friends, colleagues or clients.

You can also upload these files on Dropbox and Google Drive.


4. Monospace Writer

Monospace Writer is an easy to use uncomplicated app that lets you write distraction free. Monospace Writer is not a very featured-heavy app. And that is its strength.

If you want a no nonsense writing app that doesn’t complicate things than Monospace Writer is the app for you. It has a rich text and plain text editor and the ability to export documents in various formats as well as upload the documents on Dropbox and Google Drive.


5. JotterPad

JotterPad is another minimalist app that allows you to focus more on writing than fanciful features. I particularly like the interface of the app which is clean and without fuss.

You can write and export documents in many formats, some of them include TXT, MD, PDF and DOCX. The app is completely free.


6. Writer Plus

Writer Plus has a great rating on App store. The best part is that the app is completely free and proudly boasts several features that would do its creators proud.

The UI is very clean with all your in-process worked displayed which you can expand and contract. There is a rich text editor and multiple keyboard input types.


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