Important Features of Android 7.0 Nougat

Google recently released its new version of mobile operating system Android Nougat (v 7.0), this is included many improved features and solve the some UI drawback from its older version of marshmallow. This version will be an important milestone of Android operating systems.
android nougat

View Two App at a time

Android now provide the feature to view two apps at a time, you can double tab to view the two opened apps side by side. This will be very helpful for to view two apps or two open Google Chrome browser tab at the same time.



Android Nougat improved it performance helps to run the apps very faster, also this will help to play the high configuration game without any struggle.


Drag and drop multi-window mode

Its new drag and drop feature helpful to move the files one apps to another app easy way while open two apps at a time. This feature helps to improve the productivity.


Bundle notification

Bundle notification helpful to view all notification without open the particular apps, you can just view from your home screen when you received the new notifications.


Faster message reply

You can faster way to reply the message from your home screen like WhatsApp message. This will be helpful for focus only received the message reply.


Quick Settings

Android Nougat provides the option to customize the quick settings; the user can enable or disable and arrange the settings icons. Some users don’t like to show the not important settings icon from its area so they can remove and can add what they have desired to fix quick settings icons.


Data Saver

If the mobile data always on, some apps will run its services in the background, in this cause your mobile battery going to drain very shortly. Data saver is helpful to save the battery standby hours by turn off the apps background services.


New emoji

Its new emoji human characters more reliable from your thought to others while communicating. Also, it’s bringing your words to life to others without any text message.


Powerful security

Android Nougat highly focus on its user’s privacy and safety’s, its separate file encryption layer helps to keep the user private data to very safe.


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