Factors that Play a Significant Role in Mobile App Development

As of June 2016, Google Play Store has more than 2.2 million android apps, whereas Apple App Store has 2 million applications. Gradually, the number of applications is increasing and it is becoming difficult for businesses to make their application efficient. Developing a successful and popular mobile app like Pokemon Go and Flappy Bird is not as easy as it sounds, you need to work hard and give your complete efforts to make your app successful. While developing a mobile app, there are enormous things that you need to keep in mind.
By considering some important factors, you can get help in coming closer to become successful in the field. To help you develop a popular mobile app, we have listed below some significant factors that you can consider in your mind.
Let’s Have a Look at the Mobile App Development Factors to Consider


Comprehending & Locating the Issue

The most important thing you need to comprehend is the issues of your users that they are experiencing while using application. You should understand their pain points and ask yourself some of the important questions like:

  • What kind of application people need most to run their business?
  • Which tools will help people in a highly effective manner?
  • Which are the issues that they are facing?
  • Will developing app help users to solve their issues?

Understanding users’ needs and addressing those needs is the main thing that you start on. Once you get the answer of above-mentioned questions, you are on the path of successfully developing a mobile application.

Providing a Solution of the Problem

Once you understand the problem of users, you can create some of the innovative ideas to make an application that resolves a solution to those problems.

For instance, Bookmyshow is one of the most popular apps that help people to help book tickets for movies. It successfully helps people to book tickets for the latest and upcoming movies at affordable rates.

With just a few clicks, people can easily book tickets and save their time and money. In the short period of time, the application has gained much popularity in the market. Therefore, it is essential that you give the solution to your users’ problem through your application or you can help them perform their task.


Native or Hybrid

When it comes to talking about the native applications, they are such apps that developed for a particular mobile operating system. These types of applications are mainly developed based on the guidelines of the particular OS. While Hybrid applications are gaining more popularity as they are web apps in the native browser.

These applications are built using JavaScript, CSS, HTML and wrapped in a native app. Both these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. But when you decide to develop an application for your business, you need to make a wise choice.

If you choose to develop a native application, it would be quite expensive and time-consuming for you, but it is known for delivering an instant user experience. Whereas, a hybrid application will cost you less and it is time considerably. Before you make a choice, you need to consider different preferences and choose one that suffices your needs.


Features of the App

No matter how many feature your business or a business website provide to your users, but including a range of features and functionalities in one single app of your business is not a good idea.

If you choose to add features as you want into one application, it will irritate your user and influence them to leave your application. There are high chances that your app gets complicated and the interface will look messy. You can choose to have a minimum number of features that are fully functional as it is the best choice for a mobile app design also.


UI and Fruitfulness of Your App

While developing a high-end mobile application, it is a highly important that your app has a great yet simple UI. It is must for you to develop an app that has a minimum approach with easy to access features, buttons, proper color scheme, matches with your site and business and company logo that plays an important role.

Make sure that your mobile application has the capability of handling a huge data, which arises from a big database of users, security, and privacy. You can deliver easy solutions to users’ problem and provide them support throughout using.


Gather Reviews and Feedback From Users

Do you know that the internal feedback is important for the success of your app? You should be open to all the reviews and feedback of your app no matter positive or negative. Constantly encourage your users to give feedback of all kind as this way you will not only improve your application but also let your users know that their opinions and reviews matters to you.

The success of an application depends on how well it serves users and meet their needs. In this fast-paced mobile app industry, you need to be unbiased and flexible to make sure that your application will remain relevant. So, get reviews and feedback from your users and enhance your application accordingly to make it better.

So, these are the important factors of mobile application development that you need to consider while developing an app. Considering these factors can help you to end up developing an application that your users are looking forward. However, you can hire an experienced app agency London that will help you develop a right app for your business.


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