Everything You Need To Know About Apple Hardware Warranty!

Apple hardware warranty includes a one-year limited warranty with technical support of 90 days. This warranty is aimed at providing specific legal rights to its customers. These legal rights vary from country to country. Here are some important considerations which you should have to know about Apple hardware warranty.

What Is Covered By This Warranty?

Apple provides hardware warranty for Apple branded products and accessories for defects in material and workmanship. The time limit of the warranty is one year from the date of purchase. There are published guidelines for the warranty other than technical specifications, user manuals, and service communication. Non-Apple branded hardware is not included in the warranty. Apple does not give warranty about uninterrupted or error-free operations. Consumable parts such as batteries, cosmetic damages, accidental damages and damage caused by service are not included in warranty. Moreover, the defects caused by normal wear and tear are also not included in the warranty.


How To Obtain Warranty Service?

In order to repair the device and for smooth functioning, you should have to access and review all the information resources available online. If these resources are not useful and the device is still not functioning, then you can contact Apple representative. Apple representative will help you to determine whether the product require a service or not.


Following are the options through which Apple will provide warranty services to the customers:-

Carry-in Services

Under this option, Apple users are required to send their products to Apple retail or Apple authorized service providers (AASP) locations which are offering carry in services. The Apple repair center or AASP then send the product to Apple repair service (ARS) location. After completion of the repairing service, the product will be sent back to you directly from ARS or indirectly via Apple Retail or AASP location.


Mail-in service

Apple warranty service options also include mail-in service. If the product is determined by Apple and it is eligible for mail-in service, then apple will send you prepaid waybill and packaging material. With the help of mail in-service, you would be able to ship your product to ARS or AASP location. After completion of the service, the ARS or AASP will return the apple product to you. If the instructions are properly followed then, Apple will pay the shipping cost.


Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Parts Service

DIY allow the users to service device on his own. In such case, the following process will be applied. DIY is the service where Apple require a return on parts and products being replaced. In such case, apple requires credit card authorization as security for payment of the replaced product. If the user is unable to provide credit card authorization, then he would not be able to access DIY warranty service option. In such case, apple will provide an alternative service. If the user provides credit card authorization, then apple will ship replacement products or parts with instructions for installation.

Apple has the right to change the method through which it is providing warranty services as per product eligibility. Warranty service is also limited to the options available in the country.


Your responsibilities

You are responsible for making periodic backup copies if your device has the capability to store software programs, data and other information. This will be a precaution against possible operational failure. Before receiving a warranty service users are required to finish the proof of purchasing details. They also require responding to the questions which are designed for diagnosing potential issues. Users have the responsibility to follow the procedure being provided by Apple for obtaining warranty service. A separate backup copy of the content is necessary for obtaining warranty service. Users are also required to remove all the personal information from the device for protection, and they should have to disable all security passwords.


The backup copy is important because during warranty service it is possible that the media will be lost, replaced or reformatted. Apple is not responsible for losing software or any other data saved on storage media. After service, the product will be sent back to you, and you will be responsible for reinstallation of all other software programs, data, and information. Recovery and reinstallation of software programs, data and information are not included in hardware warranty.


Apple will maintain and use customer information as per Apple customer privacy policy. Apple offers hardware warranty as per customer laws of a particular country. Apple reseller, agents does not have the authority to make any modification or extension to this warranty.


AppleCare Protection Plan And AppleCare+

Apple hardware warranty normally is limited to one year warranty with technical support of 90 days. Apple care is extended warranty and technical support plan for the device. The customer can buy apple care plan in order to extend their warranty coverage and technical support plan. Apple is offering an apple care protection plan for a large number of products. These products include Mac computers, iPhone, iPad, Apple watches and Apple TV. AppleCare plan not only cover hardware, but apple software is also included in it. AppleCare allows customers to buy additional support and training. AppleCare protection plan and AppleCare+ are two one-stop support services being provided by Apple. Apple and its resellers are selling apple care protection plan as add-on purchase with major pieces of hardware being purchased from Apple. AppleCare protection plan extends the normal warranty service from one year to three years. Buying an AppleCare+ for iPod and iOS devices also extended the hardware and support for two years.


As a unique integrated service and support solution AppleCare protection plan extend the complementary coverage. In the case of purchasing a Mac, it is highly recommended that the user has to purchase AppleCare protection plan for warranty service extension. If you want that your iPhone will stay in mint condition until you upgrade the device or resell it, then you need to go for purchasing extended warranty. AppleCare protection plan, apple care+ and third party warranty providers are some of the options which can sell you hardware warranty services with different perks.


It is the best recommendation for iPhone users to avoid extended warranty being offered by mobile carriers against a monthly fee. Obtaining hardware warranty provide iPhone users the coverage for the lost or stolen device but it is expensive. AppleCare+ is the best hardware warranty being offered by apple other than one-year limited basic AppleCare warranty. Basic AppleCare cover basic defects of hardware and software, but if the screen is cracked or get wet, then free basic AppleCare plan would not be sufficient for iPhone users. AppleCare+ provide excellent software support, and it is more affordable than out of warranty services being offered by Apple. In the case of AppleCare+ warranty, ownership is also transferable.



This article has covered all the important aspects of hardware warranty which a customer should have to consider carefully before making a claim in a warranty program. The basic hardware warranty being offered by apple include a one-year limited warranty with technical support of 90 days. AppleCare is an extended warranty being offered by Apple to support customers. AppleCare+ is another AppleCare support plan with extended warranty and technical support plan. AppleCare+ is highly recommended Apple hardware warranty plan.


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