Why am I buying The Samsung Galaxy S8?

Samsung is thrashing Apple in Q1 and ALL minus the aid of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Conferring to TrendForce, Samsung is now for a second time the world’s leading phone manufacturer. Apple’s in succeeding is tailed by Huawei, LG, BKK/Vivo and OPPO.
By the unveiling of the Galaxy S8, the “succeeding giant entity” is most definitely the iPhone 8. It won’t land till September, but still, there will be big take-offs from HTC, OnePlus, and even Google’s Pixel trademark. Nobody will add bigger banners or interest than the Apple iPhone 8. For the past 18 months, it’s been a hot area of debate for a lot of people.


If you trust the publicity, and the stuff that projecting expert Ming-chi Kuo articulates about the iPhone 8, then this is the phone that will set Apple back on the table. This is, supposedly, the mobile that will get-up-and-go Apple’s next record flouting sales fever. Which we haven’t truly seen as of 2014’s iPhone 6.


I don’t feel any real obsession for Android or iOS. I cast-off both podiums and merchandises from each ecology. For example, I hold an iMac and a Chromebook, an iPhone and a Google Pixel XL. I don’t pay attention to what I use; as long as it’s the cool new stuff. What I like is decent design, grand display technology, adequately of power under the lid and expressive variations and add-ons to a phone’s stash of amenities and skills. Samsung has done all of these stuff by the Galaxy S8. It has heeded to what clients want and carried the merchandises in a big way.
I can envision how things will swap inside Q4 once the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 are extensively accessible. However, most forecaster organizations approve that EACH phone makers will be hit by the entry of the iPhone 8, Apple’s vastly projected 10th-anniversary & iPhone announcement.


Once again the fight over the scraps is left for HTC, Sony, OnePlus, BlackBerry and Google. What’s most thought-provoking about Samsung’s show is that it is the backbone of one of its most dreadful years. The Galaxy Note 7 disaster regarded like a PLIGHT of destruction, but Samsung looks to have reserved it all in its progress.
This is exactly why I am pre- listing the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. It is purely the best-looking, the stylish phone I have noticed in a long while. Prior to the launch of the Galaxy S8, I’d intended on delaying till Q4 to grasp what Apple originates. But then I saw and touched the Galaxy S8 and I reckoned why wait until Q4 when all the worthy stuff is here?


The main reason I would get the iPhone 8 is for the new design and its OLED display. I am sure there will be aptly striking updates to its camera and complete execution which is also very appealing from a user’s viewpoint. Samsung S8 phone has an eccentric device and the finest AMOLED display on the entrance. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will also price less than the iPhone 8.


Nevertheless, the key motive I am getting the Galaxy S8 is that Samsung has basically crushed Apple to the hunt with two of the iPhone 8’s main USPs. A brand new, refreshed design and an ALL-DISPLAY front is eye-catching for me. Ensuing, Bixby and DEX are frankly exciting frills to the Galaxy S8 roster and show that Samsung is thoughtful precisely about methods it can expand the user involvement exclusive for its phones.


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