What Are The Best Apps for Your New iPad?

The iPad has been on the list of “must-have” gadgets for a long time. They are really popular these days maybe because of its high-end functionality. iPads are portable and a great alternative for MacBooks. All the functions that you can do on a MacBook can be done on an iPad too. Its massive screen and magnificent specs can make a great platform for productive apps to social media tools.


Well iPads come with many inbuilt applications, but they are for day-to-day uses. For example, iPads come with normal applications like calculator, calendar, camera, clock, maps, etc. Along with all these normal day-to-day apps, there is another app that can help you get some more interesting apps and that is “Apple app store”.

There are over 2 million apps on the Apple app store being the second largest app store on the planet. Apple app store is known for their quality apps. They check each app before they allow any developers company to publish the app on the app store. Major iPad app development companies that make the great iPad apps are located in London, San Francisco, Melbourne, Bangalore, etc. There were over 270 billion app downloads in the previous year and the numbers are still growing. But then again what apps are best for your new iPad? Here are some amazing apps that you should have on your new iPad.


Everyone has an artist inside themselves and if you love to express yourself with colours, Pigment is a perfect app for you. Pigment is like a drawing book for adults that is really popular these days. Even mature artists use this application to enhance their artistic skills. There are eight basic tools ranging from crayons to paint brushes to make sure that your art looks lively and the way you like. This app is available free for all users in the app store.



Password overloading is an issue that every internet user faces these days. Multiple passwords for multiple accounts are hard to remember. 1Password can set a master password for all your accounts and helps you secure your sensitive data. 1Password is also available on multiple devices so it is a useful application in iPad as well as other devices.



You cannot deny the fact that you check your Facebook at least twice a day. Even though you can access Facebook from the iPad’s web browser Facebook recommends their user to use the Facebook app for a better experience. You can share your photos and videos with your friends and family with the help of Facebook.


PayPal Here

PayPal Here is an affordable solution for online payment transaction for small-scale business and shopping. It also supports Apple pay and also accepts credit cards and debit cards. The key factor of PayPal’s success is that there are no long-term agreements or commitments with the user. The users of PayPal Here have good reviews about the application due to its secure transactions.



YouTube used to be a default inbuilt app on iPads but it disappeared after the break-up of Apple and Google. App-based experience of YouTube is admired by their users. It is one of the best entertainment apps on the internet apart from Netflix. YouTube also has an offline video streaming feature that is just a cherry on the cake. There is no surprise that you will find this app on all the list of best apps.



If you have bought the latest 256 GB iPad pro then there is no issue for storage for you. But still, Dropbox is a great way to have extra storage on your iPad. Dropbox is a cloud-based storage solution that allows you to store your data as well as share it with your friends. You can save photos, videos, important documents and more in the Dropbox. It is also cross-platform supported so it is possible to access the data from your laptop or other devices.



Online shopping is gaining popularity day-by-day but when it comes to the best app for online shopping, Amazon is the contender that deserves that throne. Amazon has almost every product that you can need in their inventory. You can add the items to your cart or wishlist and shop easily from there. Amazon also recommends you products and gives deals for many items.



There are several games on apple app store and undeniably many are some of the best games. So we can’t select any particular game that stands out better than the other game. There is Arcade, Endless runner games, Action games that are really popular nowadays. And gaming on your iPad can be best gaming experience apart from Xbox or other arcading consoles. The big screen on the iPad can give a great gaming experience. Games like Temple run, Alto’s Adventure, Infinity Blade series, etc are the most popular games on the market.

The apps on this list are selected from a broad variety of app categories like e-shopping, social media, entertainment, etc. These apps are the best in their respective category. So if you are a new user to an iPad you can add these apps to make your iPad more interesting.


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