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All of us are in a race against time and hope that technology advances to an extent where there is a gadget or an App for our convenience and our needs. An older person would hate wasting time looking for glasses, keys; mobile and another essential wishing there was a gadget to track these things. A house keeper is so busy with the everyday routine of breakfast, packed lunches housekeeping and then the arrival of kids and spouse and dinner etc. S/he would love to have a device or an app which could incorporate some exercise into the boring daily routine for fitness. An upcoming businessman would give anything for an at a glance schedule.
The needs keep growing but so does technology.

Modern technology has led to the invention of new gadgets which are wearable and save time because everyone has time constraints. People like to multi task to save or even make time for other activities. For example, there is a device worn by a sports person to calculate speed, time, distance number of kicks or steps etc. It could be customised to the choice of sport or activity. There is a gadget for almost every activity. These wearable gadgets could fit on a finger like a ring, get integrated with the strings of a hoody as earphones; can be worn as eye glasses, shoes or simply as a wrist band.


Some of the awesome and amazing electronic gadgets which are comfortably “wearable” are:

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses: Apps from the smartphone are displayed in front of your eyes. The screen is fitted to the frame of the glasses

TomTom Storage: stores songs, houses heart rate monitors etc

Lechal: insoles or buckles for shoes with Bluetooth, offline and Wi-Fi connectivity. Ideal navigation guides

Rusty’s wired series: is a hoody with earphones as strings to avoid entangled wires

Swarovski USB crystal necklace: A classy and out of the ordinary flash drive

I’m watching: This smart watch connects to the smartphone through Bluetooth. This then performs like a smartphone and is only a glance away

Fitbit wrist band: Focuses on measuring daily exercise, improving sleep for a fit and healthy you

Nike+fuelband: tracks exercise regimen and calories burnt

Bluetooth gloves: these gloves are connected to the smartphone by Bluetooth. Has 6 touch points for answering calls, music control etc

Tilemate: The ultimate gadget- saves a lot of time as it locates keys, spectacles, mobiles and other frequently used gadgets.


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