5 Annoying Router Problems and How to Fix Them

When the people have a wireless internet router device at home or office, most probably they believe that their network is completely secure but it doesn’t like that actually. The following are the top 5 and most commonly occurred problems with your wireless internet router along with the solutions to resolve them.
router problems

1. Finding who are all using your wireless network:

It is really very important to regularly check your router connection and entire details in the proper interval. You must have to see who is using your wireless router and often change the router’s default IP address. Most of the wireless router’s UI will indicate who are all currently connected to your wireless internet network. Sometimes, your router manufacturer hides these details under the title which is DHCP client list. Otherwise, you will just get the host names and IP addresses of the current connections. If some of the people are regularly using your router connection to access the internet, it could be a very big problem to your connection. It will be annoying when you are getting the slow connection to the internet due to the extensive user of anonymous users. Thus, it is highly necessary to try the following suggested solution.


Solution – There are more numbers of enterprise class wireless network monitoring tools available for your home networks. With the help of these tools, you can get the list of users connected to your router or their IP addresses. Often or daily changing the password of your router is a better solution for this problem.


2. Difficult configuration:

When the users are trying to configure your wireless network router, sometimes it will take much time to set up. At the same time, it will be delayed to set up a particular connection of the router with the PC or any printer device. Most of the people are facing this problem in your wireless network in different situations. Sometimes, even the highly experienced PC users couldn’t understand the differences between the various security settings or they don’t know that WPA 2 offers the best connection protection than the ordinary WPA and WEP. These are very big and irritating problems while setting up the router device for your network needs.


Solution – Almost all the router manufacturers are trying to make these things very simpler with the easy one-click connection buttons and set up CDs. Netgear and Buffalo router setup instructions will go the additional mile by openly detailing the necessary things before running the CD. All the models of wireless routers usually have online based configuration screens for the default IP address, username, and password of the device. By this way, you must need to get into this setup screens and make the desire changes you need.


3. Enabling file sharing from wireless router:

When the individuals are using the wireless router to share the files, you don’t need to spend money on the separate NAS unit which is network attached storage. Most of those routers have USB ports to make the external connections to another USB drives for the simple file sharing and backups. Many of you don’t familiar with this option, and trying the annoying option of spending money on the network attached storage for the file sharing and backups.


Solution – The popular wireless routers like Belkin, Netgear, and Linksys are having the dedicated USB ports. In order to share files or taking backup, you can just connect your USB drive in it to use on your Mac or Windows client for the purpose of sharing files.


4. Changing your DNS provider:

Once you have set up your wireless internet router, usually you would not give your DNS (Domain Name System) settings any more. When you have a DSL modem or cable, you have to hook it up to get automatic DNS settings from the router company’s DNS servers or cable. The small business and home users might wish to get the alternative DNS provider sometimes because of two main reasons such as higher security and better browsing performance.


Solution – There are several alternative DNS providers such as Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, and etc which are worth considering for your network.


5. Enabling temporary wireless access:

If you have any authorized visitors and needy neighbors and you want them to get the permanent access to your wireless internet network, having a password to your router is a problem to get the connection.


Solution – A good idea to this problem is that you can grant them as the temporary guests to access the internet. Otherwise, you can make the special guest password to get access to the wireless network with the security. IP address – It is nothing but the default IP address of the popular router models like D-Link and Netgear for accessing settings and management console pages.


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