Android 8.0.1 Oreo New Features

After Android version 7 huge success its happy to release the 8.0.1 (Oreo)version. It’s not a big change compared with its previous version of Nougat, but its smarter, faster and powerful. Its boot speed 2x faster while power on, its experienced with Google Pixel smartphone. Also, improve the performance by reducing the background activity in the apps.
Its new auto-fill option helps you to log in faster your favorite apps and its picture-in-picture mode allows you to open and see two apps at a time without any performance loss. This App launcher notification dot helps to identify the what new by swipe mode. Also, more secure while working on the Google Play store, its protected any malicious app scanning your devices.


Its background execution limit and reduce the battery usage life, so your talk time will be extended. Also, added the more emoji so you can make many expresses. It enables the application richer visual color contrast, its support to full-color management. Android Oreo application no need to use the inbuilt fonts, you can download the custom fonts and sizes.


Its inbuilt printer options supported most of the printer compatibility, so we can configure with any type printers. Also, its supported the tooltip for the menu items so you can easily view the information in the small popup window with text. Its WiFi assistant auto connects with secure mode using with Google VPN.


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