6 Things to consider when Buying an Action Camera

Action cameras are excellent for capturing the best images and moments of your life. They are designed to survive the most extreme situations where regular cameras can’t. Therefore, when purchasing one, it is essential to consider the important factors. It can be challenging to know the best action camera since there are different types of cameras in the market.


However, considering factors such as price, quality, and features can enable you to make the best decision. Below are 6 of the most important factors that you need to consider when buying an action camera.
action camera features

1. Video quality

Video resolution is a major factor to consider unless you are buying an action camera for the sake of having one. The proper video resolution depends on what you will be using your gadget for. Ensure that you choose the camera that has high-quality video. It should have a great zoom range and wide lens so that to be able to capture more of the landscape. You also need to look for digital or optical image stabilization which is very handy to make shaky videos look great.


2. Size, shape and weight

Some shapes are considered to be more convenient for certain applications as compared to others. Most of the action cameras like GoPro are box –shaped, which makes it best for mountain climbing. Other cameras have a bullet shaped design which is preferred for Helmet Mounting. When it comes to size and weight, it is advisable to go for the one which is light and has a compact model. This is important since it allows maximum portability.


3. Image quality

It is essential to take into consideration the camera’s image quality. If you are a photographer, you will require a camera that can produce good quality images to deliver quality work to your clients. In this case the higher the camera megapixel, the better the picture quality.


4. Durability

Before purchasing an action camera, consider the longevity of the gadget. These cameras are not cheap, and so you would not keep on buying one now and then. Ensure that you do your research well so that to know the one that will suit you best. If you are planning on using the camera in rain or snow the look the one that is waterproof and weatherproof. This information can be found on the product’s list of feature. Some of the action cameras contain exteriors which are water resistant while others require being put inside a waterproof case.


5. Battery Life

Purchase the camera that has ample of life so that you can get a chance to record as much footage as you may require. Most of the action cameras usually have 2 to 3 hours recording time. Buying a camera with extended life battery will enable you to do your recording without having to worry about power. Also, there are some cameras that come with spare batteries that you can swap to double the battery life.


6. Warranty

Ensure that you check whether the action camera has any guarantee. Having warranty is necessary because your camera can break unexpectedly and you can be able to replace it under warranty. The length of the warranty is different depending on the type of the company. And so, ensure that you check carefully before making any purchase.


Now that you know the things that need to be looked at when buying an action camera, it’s going to be a lot easier to choose the most suitable one for you. If you have any question regarding an action camera, you can ask in the comments below.


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