What is Android Pie New Features?

Android always released new features for it operating system recently its released its new version of Android Pie (version 9.0). This features really improved from the previous version of Android Oreo, also many cool features implemented which is really Android users expected.



Its Dashboard shows the mobile usage times, by using this user can check each day phone usage hours. Also notify the how many times user unlock the phone and total number of notifications received.


Gesture Navigation

Google has revamped its navigation and introduced the Gesture Navigation in Android Pie. It’s really similar to the iPhone X navigation systems.


Lockdown mode

New “Enter Lockdown” mode helps secure your mobile finger print authentication if you enable this feature finger print unlocking option will be disabled.


Zoom in Text

Android Pie Zoom lens features help to zoom the smaller text. If you long press the text phrase it will magnify the pointer and zoom the text.


Dark Theme

Android Pie has a notable option to manually change the themes. In the darker theme really cool for the low vision users.


Messaging App improvement

Messaging Apps has been enhanced for the smart reply, the user can quick reply the message through notification pane.


Auto rotate buttons

Auto rotation button has been added to the main action icons, so you can easy to rotate screen orientations even if the mobile locked.


Increase the Bluetooth Pair

In the previous version of Android connect up to two devices via Bluetooth. But the Android Pie supports up to 5 devices to connect wide of devices.



Android Pie has enhanced its security and improve the privacy factors, in this privacy feature block the background app access. Suppose some apps tried to access your microphone or camera this will blocking and secure your privacy.


HDR VP9 Video support

Its support to create the HDR enabled videos, also can view the videos in this operating system through apps.


New emojis

More than 150 new emojis added in this operating systems. This emojis get the new look and colorful design and more visibility.


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