7 Top iPhone accessories everyone must need

iPhone itself is a complete smartphone and provide you all the required features and applications to enjoy your iPhone experience. But some accessories just add more convenience and excitement to your iPhone. There are many accessories available in the market for all types of your smartphones and iPhone models and you can choose from them, but it is hard to decide which must-haves are and what should not be bought as it is just a waste of money.
Must have iPhone Accessories:
iphone accessories

1. Headphones

iPhone has good quality sound results but not very powerful speakers that are why the sound usually scattered and you need a headphone. When you are using iPhone you should buy a pair of headphones as well to enjoy music experience with it. It will also provide your personal calls and video watching experience without other sound disturbance. There are many brands and types of headphones available in the market; some are simple while others are high-quality headphone. One must select the type of headphone according to the space they have to carry it and the sound experience they want to enjoy.


2. Privacy protection film

This era is all about the protecting yourself and your identity. Your personal data and information can be threatened when your phone is not protected completely. That is why always use the privacy protection film or screen protector for protecting your beautiful screen display and identity as well. This privacy protection film helps you protect everything which is on your screen and do all your activities securely from the peepers.


3. iPhone case

If you own an iPhone you must know the pain when slipped out of your hand, your heart also sinks with it. All the smartphones must be protected with the case so, in the case of dropping it, it remains safe. Another plus point of using the iPhone case is it protects your phone from water spilling, dust, dirt, and breaking. Other than safety the iPhone case and cover are available in various colors and designs which allow you to have a decent or funky touch to your mobile. You can also order customized covers from online stores which print your pictures, memories or names on the covers to give you a more personal touch.


4. Mini Speaker

The music experience gets better with iPhone but its low surround sound can be a drawback, therefore, uses mini speakers to enjoy the loud sound. The mini speakers are attached to the iPhone and enable you to party on your favorite tunes. The mini speakers of different types and models are available in the market, it definitely will not replace your home theater but provide you a good sound result whenever you required. Apart from this mini speakers are easy to carry and many of them are attachable which forms a capsule. This capsule is not only easy to pack and go but also consumes less space which is a big benefit.


5. Camera attachment

The built-in camera of iPhone is already a good one and takes perfect pictures. But if you want to enhance your camera without changing your phone, you must buy camera attachment which will take your photography interest to a new level. The camera attachments available in the market allows you to a=increase the pixels and picture quality of your iPhone. It can zoom twice and takes closer pictures of those objects which are far away without any distortions and blurring. The camera attachments of different types are available so that you can enjoy taking lots of pictures without any problem.


6. Pocket Projector

Although the display of your iPhone is very good but not ideal for multiple users to watch on the small screen of iPhone. It is difficult to clearly see what’s on the screen when many people are using it. That is why pocket projectors are made to provide users a better and clear display. The pocket projectors will display whatever you have on your screen on the wall when attached with the iPhone. This display can be watched by multiple users and shows better results in the dark room as well. It also required mini speakers to turn up the volume as well. This projector is easy to carry and very probate as well.


7. Keyboard

Although the keypad of iPhone is good, but small keys are not much fun especially when it comes to the lengthy typing. If you have an iPhone and tired of typing on its small touch keypad then you should buy a portable keyboard and type easily. The keyboard is not only very slim and easy to carry but don’t consume much of your space. That is why portable keyboards are a big help, attach it and type as much as you want and when you are done detach the keyboard and keep it in your bag.


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