Top 7 Smartphones To Look Forward In 2018

Today we are living in a constantly changing world. Technology is advancing every minute. What is new today can be old in next few months. With the advancement of technology, new products are flooding the market on a daily basis. Every single company that is associated with technology is working very hard to add new functionality to their existing products. They are also developing new products. A research team is now an essential part of these companies.

Smartphones are also advancing from the moment they were born. Earlier we had small screen phones with screens up to 3 inches wide with qwerty keypads. But today we have touch screens with much wider screens and many additional features. This is not going to stop here. New features are being developed every day. Some phones have artificial assistant feature, some have a dual camera and others have wireless charging. Here is a list of seven upcoming smartphones in 2018 with all new great and exciting features.


1. Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy X is a revolutionary model phone from Samsung which comes with a foldable display. You can literally fold the mobile like you can fold a piece of paper. This model is likely to launch in 2018. Samsung is working on this idea since seven years. The technology is so advanced that even after 100,000 folds the brightness dropped only 6 percent. The rumor is that they have used plastic in the manufacturing of this foldable phone.


2. Samsung Galaxy S9

This is one of the most awaited smartphones of 2018. Galaxy S9 is expected to release on 25th February 2018. This phone is trending for a slow-motion recording feature with the pair of slow-motion modes built in the camera. The price is expected to be around $800. Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to have a 5.8-inch QHD+ screen with a water-repellent coating. It is also going to be a super AMOLED touchscreen. The camera on this mobile is a single lens camera with variable aperture.


3. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

This phone is expected to arrive in February this year. The expected release date is 25th of February. This is going to take place in the MWC event of Barcelona. It can also be called the big brother of Samsung Galaxy S9 with additional features. The price is likely to be $850 or even more. This phone is coming with water-resistant coating and fingerprint scanner. It will have a curved super AMOLED screen like the previous versions and 6.2-inch screen. There is going to be smaller bezels on this model and a notch at the bottom for placing the fingerprint scanner.


4. Google Pixel 3

Google pixel 2 and google pixel 2 XL were the most successful phones of 2017. It is expected that advanced versions of these phones namely Google pixel 3 and Google pixel 3 XL are on the upcoming list of phones of this year. Not much is known about these phones but people are expecting a lot from these new mobiles. Google pixel 3 is expected to release in October 2018. Price is going to be around $600 – $650. The camera on the smartphone is the best but the software requires some improvement. One major change is that Google is most likely to introduce its own processor.


5. iPhone 9

After the successful launch of iPhone 8 plus a previous year, iPhone is looking forward to launching iPhone 9 in September 2018. Rumors are that this phone is going to be a mix of iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. The price is expected to be $700 – $800. It is expected to be a single lens camera with more reminiscent innards. This is going to be a 6.1-inch mobile screen with 320 – 330 pixel per inch. Home button at the center of a bottom is also expected in this version of iPhone one last time.


6. Nokia 9

Nokia 9 is going to launch at the MWC event at the end of February. This phone is also rumored to have extraordinary capacities. Recently Nokia claimed that future Nokia phone will have 5 lens camera and a Snapdragon 845 chipset. This phone is expecting to be competitive with Samsung Galaxy S9. It might also have a larger screen. It can have a QHD OLED 5.5 inch screen. It means a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560.


7. OnePlus 6

OnePlus is a very young company and yet it is so popular. The mobile phone company has provided best products in the least prices. OnePlus 5 and onePlus 5T were the best phones among the class and they are expecting to add more qualities to the upcoming phones. However, there is also a chance that they are going to skip a number but the upcoming model will be an addition to the previous versions. The expected release date is somewhere in March 2018. Price is expected to be $425 – $475 as the phones are with less cost. This phone is going to have a fingerprint scanner and a face ID module for face recognition.


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