5 Smart and Savvy Tech Gadgets for the Modern Home

Change is a strange concept. There is no doubt that things are changing at this very moment. And, we all understand that change is a slow process that happens in real-time, but we have a tendency to notice it after the fact, usually, in retrospect, which is probably what makes it so exciting. It slowly creeps into our lives and more often than not changes them for the better.
Smart home

The internet of things is one of the concepts that we’re increasingly noticing in our daily conversations. To put it simply, internet of things is a fancy name for interconnection between our everyday objects and the internet. It’s quite an exciting idea, one with incredible potential to impact not only our daily lives but also the way we work and perceive the daily mundane aspects of living.

So let’s take a quick look at some of the 5 tech gadgets that are changing the definition of the modern day home:


1. Smart Router Hub

A smart router hub can be described as the heart of a modern smart home. We’re all familiar with Wi-Fi routers and wireless internet connectivity. So it should not surprise anyone to learn that our conventional routers are quite limited in their use aside from connecting a limited number of devices to the internet.

As the number of our basic everyday objects that connect to the internet or a local network increase, we need routers capable of handling a much larger number of devices. Smart wi-fi routers for the home essentially act as a central hub that connects not only our electronic devices to the everyday objects in our home but also interconnects those devices with each other in order to maximize the flow of information just within a home. On a side note, a smart router hub also offers a far more impressive Wi-Fi coverage, which no one would mind.


2. Smart Centerpiece

Amazon Echo and the Google Home are two of the best examples of a smart centerpiece. The crux of the idea is that every home has a centerpiece and in a modern home that centerpiece should not only be a decorative piece but also a central command system for the entire home. For instance, it would allow us to speak to it in order to lock our doors, change the temperature, adjust the lighting and the list goes on. Basically, rather than pull out our phones, we could simply speak into the centerpiece and have access to almost every aspect of our home.


3. Smart Lighting

We have always imagined the world where we could control lighting with nothing but our voice. And, it seems this fascinating idea of sci-fi movies and novels has finally become a reality. Philips with its hue bulbs is the leading name in smart lighting systems but there are also a number of different companies operating within this arena.

These smart bulbs are connected to each other and provide optimum lighting at optimum levels of energy consumption. They can also be retrofitted to turn on and off at certain times to prevent wastage and improve efficiency. But more importantly, they aren’t just controllable with our smartphones but can connect with any smart centerpiece such as Apple’s HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon’s Echo. It can also help to create the illusion of home being occupied while the occupants are on a vacation.


4. Smart Home Access System – Smart Locks

Unlike what the name might suggest, smart locks are anything but locks capable of being connected to our devices. These are comprehensive home access and security systems, which offer powerful features that provide absolute control over the access to one’s home.

With a smart home access system, a person has complete remote access to their homes. It can be used to create unique entry codes for different guests. Visitors can be given access to the home without the occupant actually being present inside the house. It allows real-time notifications if there is someone at the door and can also be used to maintain an activity log. The possibilities are literally endless and every user can configure their system based on their specific requirements. August Smart Locks and KWIKSET are two leading manufacturers of smart home access systems.


5. Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat gives more than just the ability to remotely control our home’s temperature. Yes, there is no doubt that it would be amazing to have the ability to turn the air-conditioning or heating on just as we leave our workplace and find our home in the perfect condition. But, Google’s Nest is more than just remote access to our home’s thermostat. It monitors the inhabitant’s daily patterns and habits to create a schedule that is not only energy efficient but also of utmost convenience to the user. Smart thermostats also have motion sensors can detect if a home is empty and doesn’t need to be heated or cooled.


Although we have covered only 5 smart tech gadgets, the number of new gadgets entering the market is simply mind boggling and before we realize it almost every aspect of our home will be connected to a network and work in conjunction to truly create a smart home.


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