How to setup perfect recording studio in home on budget price?

Nowadays most of the people recording the music, songs from their home but they need to have a perfect recording studio setup. Most of the people don’t know how to record properly so they are using a low-quality mic with noise recorded audios. Some people using best-wired headphone, but it will not make perfect studio recorded voice. How they can set up the perfect home studio in budget price.

Professional Recording Condenser Microphone

First, you need a good condenser microphone for the record the crystal-clear voice. Typically, if you need to record clear voice from the microphone that budget starts from 15,000 INR. But we need to set up the in a budget for everyone, so you have to buy the Generic 270000928MG Silica Gel Professional Condenser Microphone. This will record the voice perfectly, this microphone price around 1500 INR.
This microphone works with a Phantom Power supply or Sound card. If you are going make any online training then you can use the USB sound card, this price around 250 to 300 INR for good quality. This USB sound card has split the microphone and speakers 3.5mm audio jack, as well as provide the low phantom power of microphone.


Phantom Power Supply

If you are going to record the Music with songs then you must buy the best Phantom power supply. This will boost up your voice clarity and increase the sound. You can buy the InnoGear 18V Phantom Power supply for this microphone, this cost around 3400 INR.


Pop filter and Stands

Now you need a microphone stand and Pop filters, Pop filter using for filter the noise and helps to record the crystal-clear voice. You can buy the Robustrion POP-01 Studio Microphone Wind Screen PopFilter, this price around 400 INR. Also, you can buy the Robustrion Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand, this will help you mount the microphone in your table with adjustable mode and this price around 950 INR.


All of this gadgets price around only on 6500 INR, this affordable price helps to make the perfect home studio recording theatre. Please be the note, while recording the music with songs you have to close rooms for sound proof.


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