Samsung Galaxy S9 with 21 MP Sony sensor leaked

It’s strange that Samsung has just launched Galaxy S8 and there are talks everywhere about the Samsung Galaxy S9. A lot of things have been rumored, a lot of have been expected and a lot of have been leaked. People are getting so much crazy that the information related to Galaxy S9 is heating up online. Being the 9th edition of the flagship Galaxy S series it is obvious to expect something new and jaw-dropping. So, in this article, we will be talking about the leaked news of 21MP Sony sensor in Galaxy S9.
The quality of pictures clicked by the camera of Samsung Galaxy S8 does not stand with any phone’s camera quality. It has its own level of quality, which would take months by other companies to achieve it. A special camera module was produced named IMX260 by Sony for this flagship device, Galaxy S9. And now for Galaxy S9, Samsung is going to pick advanced sensor which would overtake the camera of Galaxy S8.


For the Samsung Galaxy S9, Sony has increased the aperture ratio to F/1.7 which would help to click the better quality picture. Not only this, it has increased the pixel size up to 1.4 microns. However, the camera of Samsung Galaxy S8 was so unique and of good quality that it became the first smartphone of the market which uses a focus on the entire matrix area. This is why Galaxy S8 is the best smartphone in the market. You can take a look at the pictures clicked by this phone on the internet. The quality of the lens used in the Galaxy S8 was earlier used in SLR cameras only and a number of pixels involved in bringing into focus is one percent.


While the other companies are still taking the feedback for their new models which are yet to be launched, Samsung has done into action by launching Galaxy S8 and has even got reviews by itself on the internet. The company had not to do anything for that. This is because Samsung has a market value. It is one the best smartphone company in the market. It launched Galaxy S8 with a protection from water, a microSD card slot, improvements in software and much more. Samsung is really doing a great job, improving necessary functions, developing innovative solutions for hardware like a battery, camera, screen etc.


Samsung is different to all other companies various ways which are the reason of it’s being the top level smartphone company in the market. Unlike to other companies such as Blackberry and Nokia which once was the threat of falling sales, didn’t even try to rescue itself. Whereas, Samsung faced the same problem in 2015 when its devices were being rejected due to the same boring design, the lack of bonus material body and confusing software. But now Samsung is a leader in many terms in the mobile market and has the opportunity to focus on quality and innovation. Beautiful design of devices, quality screens, and cameras are all those things which are making Samsung smartphones, the next generation phones. And it is the reason they are being liked most by the users.


However, so much innovation and research have been done on the devices of Samsung that it would take years to even get close to the quality of the Samsung devices. In future Samsung is also expected to come with a smartphone which would have a foldable screen. This futuristic feature in a smartphone will escalate the company’s value in the market. Not only this, Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to come with a Supercapacitor Battery which would charge for minutes and will give power to the phone for hours. This is the most efficient battery. Researchers are working their best to the first phone with a supercapacitor battery. If all these expectations and rumors will be proved true; then Samsung Galaxy S9 will become the best phone of the year 2018. Not only have you, almost everyone had an eye on its launch to grab this flagship of 2018 as soon as possible.


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