Most important Android Lollipop features

Nowadays most of the Android smartphones comes with its lollipop version; already many older version smartphones upgraded to Lollipop. But still some people is not aware about this Lollipop version new features. In this post briefly describe about most important Android Lollipop features.
lollipop features

Material Design

Android lollipop completely changes about its user interface based on new Google Material design standards. This standard more usability for all level users and minimize the navigations, so user can easy to finish their task. New improved fonts, colors, images are more attractive and helps to user can access Smartphone or Tablets very faster.


Performance and security improvements

Lollipop improved its performance 4 times faster rather than its older versions; user can experience smoother, faster and powerful. It is supported 64 bit devices such as Nexus 9, so user will realize desktop type of CPU. Its battery charging timing reduced; within 90 min it will be charged. Also it is improved the security, you can create guest user account to prevent your secured files; so others can login with this guest account and can access only which you provided the permissions.


Faster Connectivity and Device sharing

Powerful internet connectivity improved the performance and power efficient scanning for Bluetooth devices. Improved network connectivity helps for only verified network connection when try to connect the Wi-Fi. Advanced devices sharing helps device connectivity life easier; multiple user account helps to access any other Android lollipop mobile, when you miss in your phone at home, than you can access from your friends Android lollipop mobile.


Accessibility and Quick Settings

Android Lollipop improved its design for low-vision and color blind compatibilities; so everyone can easy to access its features, also you can adjust its color combinations. Its Quick settings much improved compare with its older version, all important settings added in Quick settings area such as Wi-Fi, Mobile data On/Off, New handy control flash lights and Brightness adjustment.


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