Expectation of new feature in iPhone 7

Apple recently released its iPhone 6S model smartphone, after it’s a big success from its customers, they are planned to release next version of iPhone 7 in 2016. Already many information and images leaked about iPhone 7 features; compare with iPhone 6S this will be really including the many new features. Apple really workout for these changes to make iPhone 7 huge successes; here we have listed most interesting expectation of new features in iPhone 7.
iPhone7 new features

Rumor of iPhone 7 features:

Water proof

iPhone 7 planned to develop Water restricted smartphone; already its research completed and waiting for patent approval. If it is included iPhone 7, that will be really next generation mobile features. This feature is really expecting all level mobile customers, so these model smartphone sales may be increased 3 times of iPhone 6 models.


Wireless charger

Already this feature has some other smartphone; Apple iPhone 6S models also planned to include this features, unexpectedly this feature postponed and planned to include the iPhone 7 model. This feature is most exception of existing iPhone customers.


Pre-installed Apple SIM

No SIM card included in the iPhone 7, it will be pre-installed in that devices; existing customer can use this devices same as normal GSM phone. They are no need to change the network and mobile number, just configure with device SIM number with existing mobile number.


New operating system iOS 10

The big expectation is its operating system updates, iPhone developed with iOS 10 so users can expect huge changes. iOS 10 improved the User Interface and performance so it will be faster than iPhone 6 S also this OS will be included next generation features.


Improved Camera quality

iPhone 6S already used 8 MP camera, so we can expect 12 MP rear face and 1 to 2 MP front face camera. Also planned included the camera focus and other features same like some other higher end model smartphone.


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