Best iOS Medical Apps for Healthcare Professional

Medical Apps are very helpful for keeping the track of a patient. There are countless advantages of this application. Through your mobile devices and this application, you can easily safe your data and can access it anywhere. A large number of apps are developed and are available to assist HCP’s with major tasks. Some benefits of medical apps are:

  • Information & Time Management
  • Health Record Maintenance
  • Communication & Consulting
  • Patient Management
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Medical education
  • Medical Training

These medical apps have a great impact on the medical field. Even now the professional of health care also uses these iOS apps to track down the data of the patient, recommendation of medicine, health care diagnoses and many others. Many apps have been developed in the medical field. There are some best medical apps that might just make things easier.


1. Micromedex

Micromedex is a decent pharmaceutical app with amazing features like proper drug dosage and proper recommendation about medicine. If you want to know about any medicine, search through its name and you can find out how it should be taken and it will also let you know about its side effect. This app can also recommend you medicine by knowing about your illness. It is so simple that anyone can easily find out whatever they want.


2. UpToDate

For the people who are studying medicine, working as a medical professional or have some interest in medical news, UpToDate is the best place to keep track of medical news and advancement. There is a section namely “What’s New” will provide you headlines and you also search for specific topics. UpToDate also provide you videos that will help you in medical procedures. In UpToDate, you can also have the conversation with the colleague or save it for future reference.


3. Johns Hopkins ABX Guide

This app will allow you to search for statistics on treatment and medication regarding various diseases. Search for drug and this app will tell you about its dosage, side effect and behavior while you are taking it. This app will also refer you evidence base recommendation, so you can judge whether the medication you are taking is right for your particular lifestyle.


4. Red Cross First Aid

On the daily basis, an accident might happen and people do not know what to do when they occur. This app will guide you step by step everyday first aid scenario either its asthma attack or broken bone. This app makes you feel worried less about sudden incidents.


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