3 of the Best Gadgets to Upgrade Your Beach Vacation This Summer

It’s officially Summer, do you know what that means? BEACH TIME! Get your sunscreen and bathing suit out, take a look at these gadgets that will upgrade any beach outing, and get ready to soak up the sun!

Summer is all about going to the beach, blasting music, and taking selfies with friends. It’s a time when cares lessen and fun is prioritized. The thing is, we’re living in the 21st century and have access to all sorts of cool gadgets that will not only modernize but also improve your beach vacation. Interested? Of course, you are, so keep reading!


1: HEOS 1 Outdoor Speaker System

HEOS 1 Outdoor Speaker System
You can’t have a beach vacation without some music, which is why first on our list is the HEOS 1 outdoor speaker system. Because you’ll be at the beach with A LOT of water, this compact speaker has a sealed enclosure for optimal humidity protection and even has an optional HEOS 1 Go Pack with rechargeable battery pack (low battery? No problem). It’s also wireless with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you know that you can take it with you wherever you go.

It’s cool that for such a small device, the HEOS 1 packs quite a punch with its dual channel Class D digital audio amplification, and you can go the extra mile and attach a second device for full stereo sound. Want more? No problem; download the HEOS app to control everything from the palm of your hand and stream from your favorite music services like Spotify, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Pandora and more.

And if you place a lot of value on sound quality, rest assured knowing that it has high-resolution audio support, advanced DSP for full range sound, custom EQ sound tailoring, dual drivers with a wide range mid-woofer, and a precision dome tweeter to seal the deal.


2: DOBBY Selfie Pocket Drone

You’ll be able to take your selfie game to new heights (literally) with the DOBBY Selfie Pocket Drone. Prepare to show off your HD snaps to all your friends because this pocket drone has 13 million pixels, 4K-image acquisition, and a 1080P HD digital video stabilizer. And with dual satellite navigation and steady hovering capabilities, you’re set for smooth flying perfect for crisp and clear selfies, both indoors and outdoors (and of course, the beach).

It also has a quad core processor, gesture-based interaction control and facial recognition (seriously, it has facial recognition) for real-time imagery and target tracking. Like videos? No problem. You can set the drone to fly at an optimal path for 10-seconds for short (and very cool) videos. And to share, simply use its sharing function to send anything with one single click. Ahh, almost forgot about navigation. No worries there, you can either use your phone’s swipe function or use it (phone) as a motion controller.


3: Prynt Pocket

This particularly cool gadget is sure to win you over, especially if you’re a fan of Harry Potter (as we’ll soon see). Okay, so this is an iPhone specific gadget that supports iPhone 5 onward, so apologies to Android users. That being said, the Prynt Pocket will turn your iPhone into an instant camera reminiscent of those Polaroids we all know and love. Simply attach it to your phone, download the app and get snapping!

You also have a couple of options when it comes to what to print. First, you can print from your camera roll, second, you can download the Prynt app and choose whatever photo you want from your social media channels, and third, snap pictures and print in real-time — all in 30 seconds. For that special touch, you have the option of customizing images with filters, frames, lighting, etc. before printing.

Now we get to the Harry Potter reference. Remember how ‘magical’ newspapers, pictures, etc. had moving images? Well, with the Prynt you can too! It works like this: download the Prynt app and use its AR (augmented reality) function to attach a video to your Prynt and watch it come to life before your very own eyes. Cool, I know. As for printing, the prints use no ink; photos print onto ZINK (zero ink) sticker paper, meaning that you can also peel off the adhesive backing to turn any picture into a sticker.


Final Thoughts

Sure, you can always listen to music on your phone and stick to static selfies, but why should you? Treat yourself! Focus on you and get yourself one of the gadgets above as a nice Summer gift.


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Ellen Parker, a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, writes articles on consumer electronics, home audio systems, audio industry trends, home entertainment solutions, useful tips, and tricks. Her writing has appeared internationally in various print and Web-based venues.