Best Alternatives of GarageBand App for Windows

In this growing and changing world, almost ALL can be accomplished with a single computer or a smart phone. You can now talk face to face with the people you love using online chat tools, secure instant messages, watch movies, enjoy music and even easily edit music with professional tools. GarageBand is one of the professional and popular software created by Apple to record audio, edit music, rhythm mixture, add effects in the audio track etc.
best garageband apps
Beyond its incredible features and really powerful capabilities, GarageBand is an exclusive product of Apple, that is to say, it only works on iOS and Mac devices. So Windows users do not have the chance to enjoy this software, and are born software like GarageBand for Windows.


Tips to Download Garageband for PC

No need to buy a Mac to install GarageBand as an outstanding company developed similar software called GarageBand 6.0.5 for Windows. Although it is not created by Apple, the developer ensures stable operation except for a few details at the minimization and closing buttons. But overall, this desktop application is qualified as an equivalent of GarageBand for Windows.

  • Go to the site raresoftware and click on the link to download GarageBand for PC
  • When the download is finished, locate the downloaded package and double click to install
  • It will take 10 to 20 minutes to set up, be patient
  • After setup, you can now begin to start GarageBand on your Windows PC

With this software, you are able to mix your songs, edit the tempo, playing various instruments, cut the audio, merge audio files etc. If this software does not meet your expectations, you can try one of the alternatives proposed below.


Top Alternatives of GarageBand for Windows

Streaming Audio Recorder

Although Streaming Audio Recorder is not 100% identical to GarageBand, its flexible and comprehensive features to meet needs of all music lovers. Thanks to the built-in editing tool this application, you will be able to cut, merge, mix and create your own sound file. In addition, you can edit the ID3 tag, which makes them more organized audio files. Furthermore, Streaming Audio Recorder offers also a bonus – a built-in converter: it allows converting to different formats (MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC and other).
What is perfect and wonderful with this software is that it supports the recording of any sound played on your computer with exceptional quality, records music on popular sites such as YouTube , Spotify, Jango etc. Unlike other alternatives GarageBand for PC filled a lot of musical effects, Streaming Audio Recorder may not have all the same effects, but it supports recording audio from all sources and merging the number of pieces is available with the integrated editor. To edit audio files, simply:

  • Download and install the latest version of Streaming Audio Recorder on your PC.Download
  • Enter “Tools” at the top right and then click “Audio Editor”
  • Load the audio file you want to edit, and then wait until the analysis of the file is finished
  • Define an area and click “Edit” to cut, copy, delete the selected part. In “Tools” several options are available: add, insert, mix an audio file, overwrite with the sound file etc
  • Playing the edited audio and click “File”> “Save As” or click “Export” at the bottom right to save the edited file


Mixcraft 6

Mixcraft 6 also proposes as an alternative to GarageBand. With this tool, you can record audio, add various effects, edit video and mix all kinds of rhythms. It offers 11 virtual musical instruments and about 22 high-quality effects. There are also 6,000 music loops created by professional and various effects that you could add to your audio. The guitar amp simulator, the compression of the band, the extension of time and all other functions are all included.
Mixcraft 6 is really a powerful recording software and music editing, but there are still flaws that you need to consider such as expensive price, too large installation size, use complicated. You need at least 1GB of RAM, but 2GB is highly recommended to use Mixcraft 6.
So different software like GarageBand, choose the software you need to meet your needs. You can download the unofficial version of GarageBand or choose a pro version with useful features. There are of course other alternatives on the market, and then you need to take costs into account. By cons, if you do not want to spend too much and seek easy but powerful musical editor, Streaming Audio Recorder will be your best choice.


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