Know about Belkin Router Port forwarding

Routers are the most essential hardware in the networking industry to create the communication among the computers in the easiest manner. Of course, these kinds of the routers are available in the different brands and therefore, you can choose the best one among these things for availing the best benefits. In that manner, the Belkin is one of the router brands that are getting increased popularity among the people for its wonderful features and services. When you are using this Belkin router in your network, you have to aware of few things like port forwarding. In this article, you will see about the port forwarding in the most effective manner.
belkin router port forwarding

What do you know about port forwarding?

Actually, port forwarding is telling your Belkin router what ports to open to the outside world and where to direct the traffic that hits those ports. In fact, this port forwarding can allow the external devices to pass through your firewall for the services like web server, gaming service, FTP server and some other designated applications. For this reason, the port forwarding is needed for the users to get the best facility of the Belkin router.


However, you need to make sure some essential things when you are going to set up the port forwarding on your Belkin router. In that manner, the things are listed as follows.

  • The IP address of the device or the computer to have the port forwarded to
  • The port numbers can be used and whether they TCP or UDP ports
  • The router can be connected to the computer by using the Ethernet cable

In fact, the service ports that you need to forward on the router can be differed on the type f the internet service you would like to get the access. So, you can see the manual or contact the manufacturer for getting the service ports.


Steps to be followed for setting up the port forwarding

  1. Initially, you have to open the web browser like Internet Explorer or whatever you have installed on your computer in the particular network
  2. You have to enter the internet IP address of the Belkin router on the address bar. In most of the cases, the default IP address of the Belkin router is However, if you have changed the personalized IP address for the router, you have to enter it. Then, press the enter button on the keyboard.
  3. Now, you will be directed to the router’s setup page and click the login button. Here, you will be asked your password and username of the router to access the settings.
  4. Once you have given all these authentication details, you have to click the Virtual Servers near the left of the page or it is available under the Firewall settings.
  5. Here, you have to again enter the IP address to forward these ports into the LAN IP address box.
  6. You can also use the protocol type of the drop down box for choosing the protocol type of the ports you are forwarding.
  7. Then, you can enter the port to forward into the LAN port and the Public Port boxes.
  8. You have to make the checkbox to be enabled and save the settings finally.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can able to set up the port forwarding process in the Belkin router.


Check the process finally

If you have done all the above mentioned settings on your process, you can make sure whether it is opened or not. For this purpose, you can type the port number that you have forwarded. If the particular port you have forwarded is closed, then you can proceed as following.


If you have the DSL for your internet service, you can call your internet provider. Then, you can ask them about the bridge modern for your Belkin router. As the way, you can set up the port forward in the easiest manner. IP address

When you have specified the IP address of the Belkin router, it is important to use the address. In fact, it is the default gateway IP address which is used for accessing the Belkin network. Of course, you can also use the user manual to know about the detailed instructions.


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