Android Marshmallow important features

Google recently released its Android new version of Marshmallow; it is really improved and fine tunes of its previous version Lollipop features. Marshmallow really added more Security, Visual improvements, Performance and Usability. This post explains about most important improvement of Marshmallow features.
Android Marshmallow important features

Security Improvements

Android Marshmallow fully tight the security for its mobile users; App permission is one of best security features, when install the app user will provide the permission level for that Apps. This will be really helpful for people can provide the desired permission of any apps. Also its highlight finger print scanner features, this will be very helpful for secure the payment gateway process. If you register your finger print in your mobile, every payment transaction will be mandatory for your finger print.
Automatic App backup is one of the best features of marshmallow; if you accidentally uninstall any apps you can restore any easy way with its data. Also improved the feature of Smart lock system is very helpful for its all devices such as smartphone and smart watch, especially they are focused its smart watch settings lock.

Visual Improvements

Marshmallow visual improvements are not huge deal rather than Lollipop; but this device user will be smarter. Its lock screens are replaced with dial shortcut to voice search, Voice search is completely redesigned with easier and faster way to make the search. Also its new look wallpaper really make more beautiful of your mobile devices and you can remove the app or uninstall the app from app drawer, in previous version of Android only provided the uninstall options.

Performance and Usability

Marshmallow improved mobile devices battery performance; typically previous of android mobile battery will drain up to 25% when standby in overnight, but Marshmallow included the Doze battery management features reduced up to 5% only. Also Apps stand by is not getting more power so your mobile devices standby hours will be improved and its charging speed is more faster even before.
Usability is slightly improved in previous version of android selection is more complicated but it is improved the Marshmallow, after copied the text you can edit and share to others. In Lollipop version removed the sound profile and provided only slider to reduce the volume, now in Marshmallow silent mode back you can just one click to change your sound profile.
Overall the Marshmallow features is not huge changes compare with Lollipop, but it is improved the features and solve usability issues to make smarter of its mobile devices users.

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